About us

abbywinters.com BV is a Dutch company that produces the leading adult site, www.abbywinters.com. Run in Australia between 2000 and 2010, then Amsterdam from 2010 to now, we shoot models for our subscription website, with tens of thousands of paying customers. We shoot at our headquarters in Amsterdam, but also in several other cities around the world.

We are always seeking new models.

Models we’re seeking

Our ideal models are:

  • Female (naturally, not post-op!)
  • 18 to 24 years old
  • Attractive and feminine
  • Are height-weight proportionate
  • Speak English well
  • Have removable piercings
  • Have no tattoos (or very minimal)
  • Have no body modifications (eg, breast implants)
  • Have full pubic hair; underarm hair preferred
  • Are genuinely enthusiastic about our project
  • Have no previous experience adult modelling

What we pay models

We pay models between €200 and €750 per day of shooting. We tend to pay more than most producers in the industry. For GB shoots, both male and female get paid €750 each, for example (we require the male is the actual partner of the female model).

As a guide, models doing “gentle art nude” posing are paid less than models who participate in a lesbian sex scene. Most models we work with will do between three and 10 shoots, over the space of several months.

If an agent has a “rev share” deal with a model, that’s between the model and the agent – we’re not involved with that. We always pay these fees to models directly.

What we pay agents

We pay Agents between €100 and €300 per model they refer to us, due on the first day that model is shot. This is a “flat fee” – we only pay this once.

If the agent has an agreement with the model for the agent to take a “cut” of her modelling fee, that’s beyond our scope: we’ll pay the model what she’s due, and the model and agent sort out the details from there.

We pay more for models who are closer to our description of “Models we’re seeking” above, and pay less for models who are “ok”, but not exactly what we’re seeking.

When Agents refer models to us, they can contact us at any time and enquire as to her status. We’ll respond promptly with the latest news on her. Sometimes, models may need reminders from agents to return our contact request.

Workflow for supplying models to us

  1. Agent sends model to www.femalephotofun.com, model checks it out
  2. The model applies for work, from the FPF site – Agent tells the model to list their name in her application, in the “How did you hear about us?” field.
  3. We organise a 15-minute “Info Session” call with the model
    1. We explain our project, rates of pay, expectations, risks and benefits. She can ask questions, and we gather biographical info.
    2. After the Skype session, she sends us test shots (described here, we prefer agents help models produce these images where possible)
  4. We assess her for suitability on a 1-to-5 scale (based on our description of “Models we’re seeking” above):
    1. We will not shoot this model under any circumstances
    2. We are very unlikely to ever shoot this model. We’d only shoot her if we are desperate to get models. (€100 referral fee, if the model is shot)
    3. This model is acceptable to be shot, if there are no 4- or 5-assessed models available to shoot.(€100 referral fee to Agent)
    4. This model has characteristics that make her more valuable to be shot (€200 referral fee to Agent)
    5. This model is amazing, 1-in-50 models are this good; we should shoot has ASAP! (€300 referral fee to Agent)

Then, we offer the model shoots.

Travel costs

Depending on the situation, we may pay for model’s travel costs. We’re more likely to do this if she’s highly-assessed. For other models, we may say, “Let us know if you’re ever in town, and we’ll offer you a shoot” – she’s an OK model, but not worth the additional cost of flying her to us.

We may offer accommodation paid in full, or a share paid by us, or nothing paid by us, again, depending on how suitable this model is for our needs.

This is all discussed with the model well in advance of her being booked for a shoot.

Models who travel to us tend to be booked for many shoots over several days, to make it “worth their while”, though each subsequent shoot is based on the model’s performance in the previous shoot.