Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions we get asked pretty often, and our answers to them.

No. Well, kinda. Yes. It depends… ? 😶

It’s pictures and videos of naked women doing sexy stuff, sometimes alone, together, sometimes with their real-life boyfriend. Customers – mostly men – pay to see it… but it’s not “porn” in the traditional sense.

  • There’s no big hair, high heels, makeup, spitting, or bad acting
  • It’s always respectful and empowering
  • There’s no violence, or violent overtones
  • We show regular women exploring their own sexuality.

We call it “human friendly porn”. 🤨

No. We never put material we make of models on “Tube” sites.

Tube sites (like RedTube, YouPorn, and so on) make porn available for free (it’s supported by lots of ads). These sites started in 2008 or so, using stolen videos from pay sites (such as our own, abbywinters.com). From 2012 or so, they stopped outright stealing material, instead asking producers (like us) to add their material to the Tube Sites for free (they say, “It will expose your brand – you’ll get new customers!” – we tried it a few times in 2012, and it did not work to find new customers for us).

Since then, the Tube Sites have a stranglehold on the adult industry. Anyone can get virtually unlimited free porn from them – why would anyone pay for porn anymore? Indeed, and that’s a problem.

We formed in the year 2000, and we’ve seen a lot of changes in that time, but Tube Sites are by far the largest and worst. By providing infinite free material to users, customers expect everything for free, which means producers need to reduce their prices, which means reducing their income, which means reducing their costs, which means models get paid less.

We never put material we make of models on Tube sites, meaning we’re able to pay models more than most other companies.

(Sometimes, hackers steal our material, and do put it on Tube Sites. We work closely with a legal firm to get these removed swiftly, and they are successful in 100% of cases).

On a shoot, you’ll start fully clothed, and progressively get naked. A shoot takes a full day, and consists of a still-images section, and a video section (before you freak out about being in a video, check the FAQ answer below, “Can I choose to not do video?”)

Common to both Stills and video components of a shoot

The first shoot you make with us, you’ll be the only model (you can choose to do shoots with other models after that if you wish).

First up, you’ll chat with Shoot Producer on how it’ll work, what your comfortable with, your ideas, and their ideas on making an awesome shoot.

Only the second half of Stills / Video section will be at the highest Posing Level (how revealing you’ve chosen to be in this shoot) you choose. For example, say you’re comfortable only being nude, legs together the whole time (totally cool, btw). The first half of Stills session, and in the first half of Video session, you won’t be nude at all – you’ll be fully clothed, or slowly getting nude. The second half of stills and video, you’ll be entirely nude.

In both Stills and Video sections, input from you is always welcome – the best shoots happen when the model and Shoot Producer collaborate!

There’s a lunch break (our shout) between Stills and Video.

Specific to Stills

In the Stills, the Shoot Producer will direct you into poses (many of the images you see on these pages were created on solo model Stills shoots). The stills component is usually first on the shoot day, and goes for 3.5 hours or so.

Specific to Video

While the Stills component is more about poses, the Video component is more free-flowing, and more focused on moving around and talking than on static poses. The Shoot Producer will ask a bunch of questions about your life experiences (it’s no problem to pass on questions you’re not comfortable answering – we’ll edit that out).

The video component is usually second on the shoot day, and goes for 3.5 hours or so.

Our pay rates vary depending on the Posing Level (how revealing the posing you choose to do in a shoot). In the application process, you’ll learn more about the levels available (there’s no obligation), and the fee for each.

We pay some of the best rates in the industry, from €200 to €750 per shoot (we’re a Dutch company, a member of the European Union, so we list our fees in Euro). Use Google to convert to your local currency, edit this search but note that exchange rates change a little each day.

Models we accept must:

  • Be female (naturally, not after sex reassignment surgery);
  • Be attractive and feminine;
  • Speak English well;
  • Be height-weight proportionate;
  • Be genuinely enthusiastic about our project;
  • Not have breast implants.

The above are “hard” requirements. If you do not meet on them, we cannot work with you. However, some are subjective (meaning, opinions differ), and we tend to be pretty flexible. For example, we’re not only seeking models with an “ideal” dress size – a bit over and under is fine. How much precisely depends on several factors, but you should apply and we can discuss it.

We prefer our models:

  • Be 18 to 25 years old
  • Have no, or minimal tattoos;
  • Have removable piercings;
  • Have full pubic hair;
  • Have underarm hair;
  • Have no previous experience adult modelling.

The above greatly increase the chance we can offer you work.

We do not require you to have any experience to work with us. You just need to be assigned female at birth, and over the age of 18 for us to consider your application.

In some ways, we prefer models with no experience, so we can make shoots without any pretense. That being said, we really welcome models regardless of their experience level. 🤸‍♀️

FemalePhotoFun is the model-recruitment department of abbywinters.com BV, who produces exclusive content for our members-based erotic website, www.abbywinters.com.

Hey 😲 please note that this site is designed to be appealing to customers (not models) – so some material there is quite sexually explicit!

However, models always choose how revealing they want to be in their shoots so don’t be concerned (there’s more about this in this FAQ, below).

The abbywinters.com website is world-renowned and is consistently rated as one of the best. 🏅 You can read some reviews of our site.

Our approach to working with models is ethicalinclusive and engaging. We work to make “human friendly porn” that our customers love watching and our models love making.

Our Models Charter describes our commitments to working with models. It was created by staff who have been models, and with the input of many other models and Shoot Producers (some of whom have also been models).

That’s a tough question to answer – how do you know anyone is legit? But we’ll do our best.

We have a lot of info on this, our femalephotofun.com site, and we encourage you to read it and form a list of questions. During the obligation-free application process, we make an appointment to call you, and answer all the questions as you have. 😌

Our customer-facing site (and parent company), abbywinters.com, has been around for 18 years now. It’s not pretty, but you can hop into the Internet Wayback Machine and see how we looked in the year 2000 (a reminder that our approach is to let models choose how revealing they are in shoots we make of them; some models might be doing more “explicit” stuff than you want to do, but that’s cool – we’ll go with your decision 🙃).

Speaking of which, our website address is also our actual legal company name, abbywinters.com BV. We’re based in the Netherlands. You can see our registration with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce (you’d need to pay a small fee to get more extensive info, but the basic info is there for free).

You can see our Wikipedia entry, that’s mostly factual.

As we operate in the European Union, we’re required to have a VAT (tax) number. Our VAT number is NL821153985B01, and you can look it up in various places online – the European Commission’s site is the most legit. Select the Member State of “The Netherlands”, enter just the numbers of our VAT number (so, 821153985B01), and click “Verify”.

You can call our office on +31 6 1125 1302 during Dutch business hours (CET, Central European Time). A real person who works with the company will answer.

You can email our Owner, Garion Hall directly on garion.hall@abbywinters.com. You can do a Google search on him, and also see him posting regularly on Quora.com. You can learn a bit more about our illustrious owner on his AW Bio page as well. You may email him to arrange a Skype call.

You can read about the experience other models have had with us, published on places other than our own site.

You can browse the info we provide to models who already work with us.

Before your first shoot

It’s no problem to change your mind about working with us before your first shoot. Perhaps you just want to learn more, but not commit to anything yet? That’s what our Info Session process is for. It’s no-obligation, perfect for finding out more.

If you change you mind about shooting with us (or,  about the posing level or shoot type), it’s convenient for us to know as soon as possible, so the Shoot Producer is not inconvenienced so much. We’re curious to know why you’re changing you mind, but we won’t argue with you or make you feel bad for it. We only want to work with models who love working with us – they make the best shoots! :)

(This happens a few times a month).

On the day of the shoot

We provide a bunch of info and have conversations with you to help you understand what to expect, and we have heard from models that helps a lot.

But, we understand that you can change your mind at the last minute. It’s our policy that you never have to do anything you don’t want to do, so simply inform your Shoot Producer that it’s not for you. Perhaps a shoot can still be made, but change the posing level (for example, to be less-revealing), or drawing the curtains, or turning the heat up?

Cancelling a shoot on the shoot day is certainly inconvenient. The Shoot Producer has organised a location, made a shoot plan, and likely put off other work so they could shoot you! But, it’s more important you’re comfortable with what you are doing.

(This happens once every five years or so – very rare).

For five days after your first shoot

We have a “cooling off” period of five days after your first shoot, where you can change your mind.

Let us know: You’ll return the modelling fee we paid, and we’ll delete the media we captured of you. That’s it.

(This happens once a year or so).

After that…

Here’s where it gets tricky. We encourage prospective models to think carefully about their motivations for modelling with us, and only proceed if they are sure this is for them.

Permanently removing material from our site very seldom happens. It’s expensive and complicated (for both you and us). It’s not a practical option.

However, we do have the temporary relief of the National Blackout Option – see below.

We don’t want models stressing over work they’re otherwise proud of, so we offer a one-time National Blackout Option.

This means, if you suddenly find yourself nervous about your work with us for any reason — you don’t even have to tell us what the reason is — we will block all of your shoots in your home country (or, any one country you choose) for a period of three months from the date of your request. ?


  • It’s blocked in one country only
  • Only available after your first shoot has been online for at least six months; and
  • You can only use this “panic button” once

The blocking method we use is statistically around 98.5% effective.

We encourage you to ask our Model Liaisons to share stories of what has happened to models who have been found out. Interestingly, even if being discovered felt like a catastrophe at the moment it happened, most models later regarded it as a blessing in disguise that helped them lead a more authentic life (or at least as a mixed blessing — far better than the disaster they had unnecessarily feared). ?

Here’s the story of a model who became a Shoot Producer with us, and the stigma she faced, and triumphed over. And here’s an interview with a model of ours who was “found out”, and faced oppression from her family and acquaintances (in Dutch, Google Translate helps). Her story is positive and inspiring.

No, absolutely not.

The first shoot you do with us will be a “solo” shoot (that is, you’ll be the only model on-set). While the Shoot Producer will work closely with you, they will never touch you – apart from a friendly handshake when they first meet you ?. There is no expectation for you to touch the Shoot Producer (in fact, it’s strictly not allowed!). Our Shoot Producers are professionals (they would lose their job if it happened), and are intent on making the best shoot they can.

After your first solo shoot, we’ll tell you about other shoots that involve several models, that do involve (a lot of) touching. But there’s never any obligation to do a shoot you’re not comfortable with.

You can read our Models Charter, to learn about the commitments we make to models (and what we expect from models).

You’re doing the work, so we pay you. We do not charge you anything.

And btw, anyone who does charge you is dishonest and unreliable – we strongly recommend you do not work with such people.

A Shoot Producer is an expert photographer & videographer, who’s completed extensive training with us to make shoots that meet our customers needs.

They have their own equipment and locations to shoot, and are located around the world. After a model has decided to work with us, we’ll introduce her to her closest Shoot Producer.

Shoot Producers are contractors for us – when they make a shoot, they invoice us for the work they have done. We pay models directly for their work (by electronic funds transfer, the day after the shoot).

We guarantee that you will never be or feel coerced. Coercing models works against our business because:

  • It’s against our Models Charter (the commitments we make to models)
  • Our professional staff and Shoot Producers would never work with us if we allowed that
  • We rely heavily on models referring their friends to us to model
  • We’d lose our status of being a professional company, operating for 18 years
  • We could not offer you to be a reference for other new models
  • You would not want to come back for more shoots with us

We absolutely guarantee you will never be forced to do anything you do not want to do.

Probably not – at least, not in the next few months.

Like your friend, our Shoot Producers are skilled in both Photography and Videography… but they also undertake around 70 hours of brand-specific training before they start making shoots with us. The training is around making shoots that our customers are sure to enjoy (rather than just “a shoot”).

It’s quite possible your preferred photographer could do this training, of course, but it takes time to pass through our screening process, and typically that 70 hours is spread over a few months. So if you are interested in shooting with us, we’d travel you to one of our Shoot Producers initially. Later, if you friend completes our training, they can shoot you again for us! :)

If you think they’d be interested in working with us, please send them to our Shoot Producer recruitment page.

We have a modest reputation for helping amateur models become porn stars (when that’s something they want to do).

For example, Angela White (Angie on our site) and Amarna Miller (Carmina on our site) are two A-level performers that got their start with us. We occasionally make shoots with people who have already reached star-status, but we tend to focus on the new up-and-comers more.

So, why work with us if you’re new and have big plans?

  • We’ve been around for 18 years and are highly respected in the industry.
  • We are award winning, and consistently rated as one of the best adult websites in the world
  • We specialise in first-time experiences for models – gentle and fun
  • We take things at your speed, so there’s time to learn and grow
  • We explain the shoot before it starts, and encourage you to ask questions (before, during, and after)
  • We have multiple posing levels you can progress through as you get more comfortable
  • We honestly share the “cons” about the industry, as well as the “pros”
  • We take your sexual health seriously and can help to educate you for the future

Some producers can be lax in some of these aspects, so it pays to be careful. Owner of FemalePhotoFun and abbywinters.com Garion Hall posts regularly on the knowledge sharing site Quora, and answered the question I want to become a porn model, what should I know? which explores this in more depth.

Our customers come to us to see our models more “natural” than elsewhere, and part of that is models wearing no makeup on our shoots. That means, no concealer, no foundation, no powder, no lipstick, no eye liner or eye shadow. We have one exception: a moderate amount of mascara is permitted.

All the images on these pages were made of models without makeup. They, us, and our customers think they look pretty great! Our Shoot Producers are experts in making our models look good.

Some models feel liberated by this approach, and embrace it. For other people, they’re not so comfortable – that’s ok. The work we offer is not for everyone, and there are plenty of sites who are happy to shoot with with all the “war paint” you can manage! :)

Perhaps you have scars from mole removal, surgery, cutting, or an accident?

Scars are part of you, and a not a problem for us.

No. Our customers want to see (all of) the the real you; wigs and masks hide that. This is a strict requirement of ours.

Presumably, you’re considering this because you’re concerned about being busted? Of course, that’s a valid concern! It’s rare models are “found out”, but it is possible. We prefer to work with models who are proud of their work with us, but know that’s one of those “easier said than done” things.

So, check out our FAQ answers below, “I’m worried about being found out by my boss / family?”, and “What is the “National Blackout” option?”.

We also have a few stories from models ad their experiences with us on our Testimonials page.

All our shoots start with the model clothed to “set the scene”. Over the course of the shoot, she gets naked.

Models have told us they find this a bit more comfortable than a photographer saying, “Ok, get nude now!” at the start of the shoot, which certainly make sense. But it also allows our customers to share the journey of seeing models clothed, in their underwear, and finally nude. The undressing is a big part of our shoots, and we’re well known for making this sequence interesting for customers and models.

But don’t worry, you don’t have to perform a strip-tease show, it’s much more casual than that.

You’ll wear your own clothes in the shoot, and we ask you to bring a range of colourful form-fitting items so the Shoot Producer has options to choose from.

Before they start working with us, every Shoot Producer completes a “Police check”, so we’re aware of their criminal history. We refuse to work with people who have a criminal history of abuse or violence.

We provide extensive training to Shoot Producers, around 80 hours spread over six months, which includes extensive sections on working with models. We have a full-time Trainer who visits our Shoot Producers all over the world, and improves their shoot quality.

We call models after their shoots, and ask about their experience with their Shoot Producer, and after every shoot, models are invited to complete a survey about their experience working with us (we consistently get excellent assessments from all models), and are also invited to email any feedback they have to the Owner of the company.

(this answer forms part of our Models Charter, which we recommend you read)

No, you don’t.

Over the last 18 years, we have spent a lot of time engaging our customers to learn about what they like and don’t like. From this, we created our “paradigm”, a specification for our Shoot Producers on what to capture of models. When we tried giving models the option on images to release, their ideas were at odds with our customers ideas (which makes sense, they are coming from completely different perspectives), and the results were poor for customers.

We’re a business, and by staying in business, we can pay models to work with us (customers have a lot of options these days, many of them free!).

So, it is likely we’ll release a few images you’d prefer we did not, but also, the images we release are not that bad. We’re not going to show images of you with your eyes half closed, or a video of you falling over, or stuttering, for example. We’re about empowering our models, and part of that means editing out unintentional stuff. But, we might include images where some cellulite on your bum is visible, or your tummy being bunched up a bit when you sit. That’s part of who you are, and our customers quite like seeing that (in fact, we’re known for showing models as they really are, and that’s part of how we’re able to stay in business).

Most models quite like the shoots we make of them (once they get over the initial “That’s what my voice sounds like?!” thing we all have). ?

All that being said, if there is a specific image / video segment that deeply concerns you, we can discuss it. On the shoot itself, you can always discuss with your Shoot Producer your preferences, but requests like “never show my butt” won’t fly. ?

We sometimes make shoots of our female models having sex with her real-life boyfriend ??  (but we never make shoots of female models with some “stud” dude). It’s our preference that female models appears in a solo shoot first, but that’s not a requirement.

Because most of our shoots are with solo models, our application and screening process is geared towards that, so there may be some questions that are not relevant to you applying for a girl-boy shoot. It’s fine to just answer whatever to those questions, if you’re only interested in doing a shoot together.

Both the male and female of the couple need to apply separately, and complete the screening process. Please mention who your partner is in the notes field and that they have also applied, so we can make the connection on our end as well (we instantly reject applications that come from single men). You can see some more info on our girl-boy shoots, and some info for our existing models).

We often make several shoots with each model (the average is five shoots, but some have done 20, and others only one). Of course, there’s no obligation to appear in more than one shoot, but most models have a great time on their first shoot and are keen for more. ?

Usually, we’d organise your first shoot, then wait a few weeks for you to think about how it was for you, and for us to check how it looks. Then, we may be back in contact to offer you some other types of shoots – we have a bunch of them. Each has a different rate of pay and expectations, and some have “pre-requsites” (that is, we need you to appear on Shoot type A, before you can appear in Shoot type B).

Solo: You first shoot is of you, alone. We sometimes ask you to do more Solo shoots (up to three, spread over 12 months).

Masturbating with another model: Just you guys in a room masturbating (the Shoot Producer sets it up, then leaves you to it). Can be a bit weird, but in a good way! Shot for video only.

Sexy playing with another model: We sometimes make “Guest Direction” shoots, where an experienced model (the Guest Director) is paired with a less-experienced model, and gives sexualised “challenges” to her (for example, I wonder if we can make all our nipples touch, without using our hands?). There’s no body-fluid interaction in these shoots (no kissing or oral sex). Shot for video only. We limit these shoots to one per model.

Girl-girl sex shoot: Full sex with another model, oral sex, fingers inside, the whole deal. Models can appear in several of these shoots.

Girl-Boy shoot: You and your real-life male partner have sex, and we film it (and separately take pictures). Models can appear in one of these (per boyfriend ?).

For each of these shoots, we offer them to models who do a good job, are easy to work with, communicate well, and are enthusiastic about making great shoots, and meet our “paradigm” requirements. And of course, only if you want to do more shoots – there’s no obligation.

Where possible, we’ll book you in to do several shoot types in the same week (this is especially the case if you’re travelling to a Shoot Producer).

You have to be at least 18 (we require government-issued photo ID). Our upper age range varies, but it’s roughly 30.  And, of course, you have to be naturally female!

We’re a business created to provide a service for our moderately conservative paying customers, and we’re wary that some customers will be uncomfortable with transgender models appearing on our site (so much so as to stop paying for our service entirely). We’re willing to lose some customers over this – we believe that sex is a many varied and beautiful thing – but we’re not going to risk our entire business on it.

While we’re primarily seeking models who were assigned female at birth, in 2018 we’re open to trial including some models who were assigned male at birth but have transitioned to female and also undergone sex reassignment surgery.

Transgender model applicants will be subject to the same requirements we have for models who were assigned female at birth (only around 10% of those get accepted), and so transgender models may not be accepted for reasons regardless of their transgender-ness.

Our friends at tsnaturals.xxx are seeking transgender models who have not had SRS, and we encourage you you contact them.

Here’s what happens when you Apply:
  • Your application details are securely recorded in our Models Database
  • We make an initial assessment of your application – do you basically seem to be right for us? (female, over 18, etc)
  • We ask you for some more information that you did not supply originally (for example, contextual images of your tattoos)
  • We ask you come complete an “informational questionnaire”
    • We provide some info around “posing levels”, payment, show you the Release contract you’d need to sign
    • We ask you questions about you (for example, about your pubic hair, eye colour, etc)
    • This info is again securely stored in our Models Database
  • We organise a 20-minute phone call (our expense), where we answer your questions, and ask a few more questions, and we take notes.
  • You take some selfie test shots, that meet our requirements
  • Now we have gathered a bunch of info about you, we assess your suitability for our site
  • We let you know our decision

During the Application process, after the Info Session phone call with us, we ask you to send a series of six images of yourself. Some are topless.

It’s not possible to submit images from other shoots – they need to be shot specifically for this (you’ll hold a sign with today’s date).

Providing test shots is not required, but we won’t be able to decide if we can offer you work until we have the test shots from you.

When the time comes for you to send these images, we’ll provide more details on exactly what we need, and some tips for how to make them (with a friend, or alone – with your smartphone is fine).

“Test Shots” are topless images you send us of yourself at the end of the application process, so we can see what you look like – we need them to decide if you’re suitable for our site (see the FAQ answer above for more info).

Our business is based on making professional shoots of amateur models – we’ve been doing it for 18 years now – and you can see the kind of images we make around this site (and on abbywinters.com itself), and we think you’ll admit, they are not really the kind of thing an amateur model can make on her own (but if you can, please enquire about working with us as a Shoot Producer!).

Perhaps there is a market for our test shots elsewhere, but that’s not the business we’re in, and we keep them encrypted and safe from anyone who does not have a clear and present need to access them. And anyway, we always operate legally and ethically. We do not ask you to sign a Release (modelling contract) for those images, so we’re prohibited from selling or using them anywhere.

Finally, we stick to our Model Privacy Policy, which describes what we do with the information and images we gather from and about you.

We accept around 10% of applicants. We have very specific things we’re seeking, and we don’t use makeup or Photoshop. Our ideal models are:

  • Female (naturally, not post-op!)
  • 18 to 26 years old
  • Attractive and feminine
  • Height-weight proportionate
  • Speak English well
  • Have removable piercings
  • Have no tattoos (or very minimal)
  • Have no body modifications (eg, breast implants)
  • Have full pubic hair; underarm hair preferred
  • Are genuinely enthusiastic about our project
  • Have no previous experience adult modelling

It’s our policy not to provide the reason for rejection. A rejection is a reflection on what we specifically need, not on you as a person.

If you receive a rejection, you may see a recommendation for other companies we think may want to work with you.

No, a “Shoot” for us comprises of both mediums, stills and video (on a shoot day, we’d normally shoot the stills first, have a lunch break, then shoot the video).

It’s likely the video shoot is not as bad as you’re imagining! We work with you, and can direct you a lot if you prefer, or just provide some broad guidelines if you want to freestyle it. Or some balance between the two. We’ll ask you questions, and direct you to do activities – you’re never just told to “perform now!”.

Also, you have a fair amount of input into the video (after all, it’s of you, and wholly about you), but there’s also some things we need to capture you doing (but only things you’re comfortable doing, and you can always choose not to do a certain thing).

But if you’re not comfortable appearing in video under any circumstances, we’re not able to work with you, sorry.

If you need to travel to a different city for your shoot, we’ll book and pay for flights (train, bus, etc) – sometimes, we may ask you to book the tickets, in which case we’ll reimburse you when you present to us a valid receipt. If you need to travel within a city for a shoot, we don’t pay for travel. For example:

Jane lives in London, UK, and has a shoot in Barcelona, Spain. The company will pay for a return airfare to Barcelona.

Mary lives in California, in Los Angeles. Her Shoot Producer is also based in LA. Mary drives 20 miles to get to the location for the shoot. The company does not pay gas (petrol) money for this.

If you need to stay overnight for the shoot in that city, or two nights, we’ll pay for accommodation. Typically, this will also be the shoot location – we often use AirBNB for this.

It’s best to allow a full 10 hours for a shoot (from when you meet with the Shoot Producer, until you leave), just to be safe, but it’s unlikely to take the full 10 hours.

If you have to be somewhere at a certain time on the shoot day, please let the Shoot Producer know when you discuss the date and start time with them.

We want you to look your best, and that might not happen if we have to rush. We can always re-schedule you for a more suitable day.

We get a lot of models applying for work at femalephotofun.com, and we’re not able to offer work to everyone. We only shoot models who fit our “paradigm” requirements so to increase your chance of being chosen, follow these tips:

  • Be healthy and happy!
  • Be height-weight proportionate
  • Be well groomed – no bruises, scratches or bites (scars are fine)
  • Be on time and behave professionally
  • Remove all face and body piercings for the shoot
  • Remove all makeup for the shoot
  • Have lots of pubic hair – we place a high priority on shooting models who have full, natural pubic hair.

That’s not to say that candidates who don’t match this perfectly are automatically rejected – we’re always flexible.

Nude modelling is definitely not for everyone. This is why we schedule potential models for an Info Session.

This is absolutely no obligation, and is your chance to meet with us and suss us out – and ask stacks of questions. After you Apply, we’ll send you a questionnaire to fill in, then we can book the Info Session.

If you decide it’s not for you, it’s no problem.

Many of our models are not only proud of the work they do with us, but actively show it to others!

However, we understand that some models are a little more shy, and would prefer to keep their modelling work to themselves. Of the 1,900 models we have shot since 2000, around 20 models have been “found out”, so there is a low possibility you might be as well.

But, we have the National Blackout Option, too.

It’s a members-based website which means people need to buy a membership in order to access all the content. Potential members check out the small free section of the site and, if they like it, pay using their credit card to buy a subscription for a specific length of time, or buy individual scenes.

We keep our models’ information extremely confidential, and don’t make personal information available to anyone other than those who work with you (Shoot Producers, Model Liaisons). Real names are never used on the website.

We have a Privacy Policy we absolutely stick to. Have a read – it’s not even boring. :)