Frequently Asked Questions

Our pay rates vary depending on the posing level (how revealing the posing you do). In the Info Session you attend, we’ll tell you more about it. We pay some of the best rates in the industry, up to €750 per shoot.

On a shoot, you’ll start fully clothed, and progressively get naked. Typically, you’ll do the Stills component first, have a lunch break, then shoot the scene for video.

While we do do shoots with more than one model, your first shoot will be you solo, with the Shoot Producer (many of the images you see on these pages were created on solo model shoots).

Many of our models are not only proud of the work they do with us, but actively show it to others!

However, we understand that some models are a little more shy, and would prefer to keep their modelling work to themselves. Of the 1,900 models we have shot since 2000, around 20 models have been “found out”, so there is a low possibility you might be as well.

The first shoot you do with us will be a “solo” shoot – there are a lot of sample images on this site from other solo shoots. While the Shoot Producer will work closely with you, they will never touch you – apart from a handshake when they first meet you! In a solo shoot, there is also no expectation for you to touch anyone. In fact, our Shoot Producers are professionals (they would lose their job if it happened), and are intent on making the best shoot they can in the limited time available!

After your first solo shoot, if you express interest, we’ll tell you about other shoots that involve several models. These range from playing (for example, doing yoga together), to kissing passionately, or intimate sex with another woman, or even your male partner (we never do shoots with male “porn stars”, only with people in committed relationships). But, there’s no requirement to do these shoots, and it’s no problem if you just wish to do a few solo shoots.

Being coerced to do something on a shoot is a concern when doing nude modelling. We have heard “horror stories” from models we have worked with. We guarantee that you will never be or feel coerced. Coercing models works against our business because:

  • It’s against our Vision and Mission
  • Our professional staff would never work with us
  • We rely on models referring their friends to us
  • We’d lose our status of being a professional company, operating for 16 years
  • We could not offer you to be a reference for other new models
  • You would not come back for more shoots!

We guarantee you will never be forced to do anything.

You have to be at least 18 (we require government-issued photo ID). Our upper age range varies, but it’s roughly 30.  And, of course, you have to be naturally female!

After we book you for a shoot you’ll arrive at at the shoot location (or possibly our office) where you will fill out some paperwork and undergo a grooming check. If your grooming is great, our shooting team will drive to the location with you, choose some clothes, and start shooting.

Where possible, we prefer to shoot models in their own home. Not only is it where you feel most comfortable and relaxed (and we know this whole thing can be a little daunting),  shooting models in their “natural habitat” is one of our selling points. But, if that’s not possible, we’ll organise a suitable location to shoot you.

You’ll start clothed, and get undressed piece by piece, with direction from the Shoot Producer (some of our female crew have been models themselves). On set is always relaxed, fun, comfy and easy. You’re never pressured to do anything.

Once the stills shoot is done, we’ll take a short break for lunch, then we’ll do a video shoot. Starting clothed, you’ll talk about yourself, do activities and interact with the director as you get naked (no touching!).

After the shoots, you’ll complete your paperwork, double check your payment details, and head home. All told, it’s usually around 8 hours, but it can be a little as five or as much as 10.

After the Info Session (where we explain how it all works, answer all your questions, and ask a few questions), we assess your suitability for the site. Unfortunately, we’re not able to offer work to everyone who applies. We’ll contact you to let you know either way, and if successful, we’ll book you for a shoot!

For the Info Session, if she is interested in modelling too, definitely bring her in! If they are not interested or suitable for modelling, it’s best to treat it like a job interview and come alone.

For the shoot, it’s not appropriate to bring anyone, but there will be several opportunities for you to check in with others on the day.

It’s best to allow a full 10 hours for a shoot (from when you meet with us, until you leave), just to be safe, but it’s unlikely to take the full 10 hours. If you have to be somewhere at a certain time, please let us know when we book your shoot. We want you to look your best, and that might not happen if we have to rush. We can always re-schedule you for a more suitable time.

We get a lot of models applying for work at femalephotofun.com, and we’re not able to offer work to everyone. We only shoot models who fit our “paradigm” requirements so to increase your chance of being chosen, follow these tips:

  • Be healthy and happy!
  • Be height-weight proportionate
  • Be well groomed – no bruises, scratches or bites
  • Be on time and behave professionally
  • Remove all face and body piercings
  • Have lots of pubic hair – we place a high priority on shooting models who have full, natural pubic hair.

That’s not to say that candidates who don’t match this perfectly are automatically rejected – we’re always flexible.

Nude modelling is not for everyone! This is why schedule potential models in for an Info Session. This is absolutely no obligation, and is your chance to meet with us and suss us out – and ask stacks of questions. Contact our Model Liaison now to arrange a time.

We produce exclusive content for our members-based erotic website, www.abbywinters.com. Our website is world-renowned and is consistently rated as one of the best.

It’s a members-based website which means people need to buy a membership in order to access all the content. Potential members check out the small free section of the site and, if they like it, pay using their credit card to buy a subscription for a specific length of time, or buy individual scenes.

We keep our models’ information extremely confidential, and don’t make personal information available to any non-staff members. Real names are never used on the website.