Info Session

What happens at an info session?

“Some models come to us a little apprehensive, but leave us feeling great – informed, empowered and dead keen to get amongst it”

Before you do a shoot with us, you need to check us out, see what we’re like, and what the project really involves. Also, we need to check you out, to make sure you’re what our customers are looking for. They’re looking for people who are happy, wholesome, enthusiastic, and attractive.

After you Apply, we send you a questionnaire, where we explain some of the risks and benefits (how much you can earn; how your material would be used). We also gather some more bio info about you, to help us prepare for the next bit, speaking on the phone. There’s no right or wrong answers to the questionnaire – so long as you’re honest.

But before the Info Session, you’ll get to read our Privacy Policy, so you know what we’ll do with the information we collect about you.

We have several interviewers, and because we work with models from all around the world, scheduling times can be difficult. We made a scheduling program called Skedlr that helps to connect prospective models to our Interviewers at a time that suits everyone. After you submit the Questionnaire, we’ll send you a link to schedule an Info Session call.

Nude modelling, high paying photographic studio

On the Info Session call, we’ll ask you some questions, and it’s the time to get all your questions answered as well – we’ll always answer clearly and concisely. Our Info Sessions are no-obligation – if you decide it’s not for you, you’re free to stop the process at any time. Some models come to us a little apprehensive, but leave us feeling great – informed, empowered, and keen to do their first shoot!

If it’s something you’d like to go ahead with, we’ll ask you to send us a few topless test shots of you. Of course, if you think of more questions, we’re available to answer them, and you can check our FAQ as well.

Then, we gather allllll the information you have supplied, our impressions from the phone call, and your test shots, and make a holistic assessment of your suitability.