AW models charter // Principles of working with models

19 July 2019; v1.1’s approach to working with models is ethicalinclusive and engaging. We work to make “human friendly porn” that our customers love watching and our models love making, in a safe and fun environment.

Expectations models can have when working with us

In a nutshell:
  • We respect models and work with them to create adult content that is ethical and fun
  • Models’ comfort is always our first priority
  • We want models to feel empowered in their work with us
We commit to all models:
  1. We provide safe working conditions
  2. We present clear, truthful, and comprehensive information
  3. We are responsive and available
  4. We respect models’ privacy
  5. We never touch models
  6. We respect models as people
  7. We aggressively pursue piracy of our content
  8. We will discuss options for content removal
  9. We pay agreed fees and reimbursements promptly

We provide safe working conditions

The safety of people is our primary concern, even though we realise models themselves are not so concerned about this. We provide safe working conditions for models working with us. This has many facets, including:

Models appearing in shoots supply next-of-kin contact information, along with medication, illnesses and allergy info.

Should we need to use this info (for example, to consult with a paramedic, or your family), we will never disclose the nature of the work.

Models appearing in a shoot where body fluids are exchanged are required to be tested for the most serious and commonly contracted Sexually Transmitted Infections (from a list we provide). STI test results must be provided to the company in advance, as issued by a lab, and indicate all tests are negative (or, that the model carries antibodies indicating they have been immunised against that specific infection). Models who supply ambiguous test results will be required to seek clarification from their healthcare provider, before the shoot can proceed.

Models may not participate in shoots that involve body fluid exchange if they have tested positive to any of the tests. Those models are encouraged to seek treatment, be re-tested, and when clear, will be offered work again if other requirements are still met.

Before the shoot, each model is able to review the STI test results for their shoot-partners to satisfy themselves of their partners’ sexual health, and choose not to proceed if uncomfortable with the results. STI test results are considered valid for 30 days, after which the model must be re-tested.

The company will pay for, or reimburse the model for, STI tests when all of these conditions are met:

  • The complete and unambiguous STI test results are provided, with test date and model name;
  • The test results are provided by the date specified (as defined in the booking email) and;
  • Upon presentation of a dated official receipt / Tax Invoice
For any shoot lasting longer than three hours, Shoot Producers will provide a reasonable cold meal, and 30 minutes to consume it. This is provided at the Company’s expense.

Shoot Producers will never suggest unsafe activities on a shoot: safety always comes first.

In situations where the model has a unique skillset that involves some risk but would be ideal to capture for the scene, the Model and Shoot Producer will jointly satisfy each other that the model’s skills, the environment, the props, and set pieces meet the standards necessary to ensure the model’s safety. Together, the model and Shoot Producer will make a risk assessment of the location, and put risk-reduction strategies in place as necessary.

Models can choose if they want to participate in these special activities – they’ll be consulted before the shoot day – however, Shoot Producers have the final say on activities on the shoot, and may choose to direct the model to not perform certain activities the Shoot Producer deems too risky.

Such a directive will not mean the shoot is cancelled, and should all other requirements still be met, a complete shoot can still be made.

Before they start working with us, every Shoot Producer completes a “Police check”, so we’re aware of their criminal history. We refuse to work with people who have a criminal history of abuse or violence.

We provide extensive training to Shoot Producers, around 80 hours spread over six months, which includes extensive sections on working with models. We have a full-time Trainer who visits our Shoot Producers all over the world, and improves their shoot quality.

We call models after their shoots, and ask about their experience with their Shoot Producer, and after every shoot, models are invited to complete a survey about their experience working with us (we consistently get excellent assessments from all models), and are also invited to email any feedback they have to the Owner of the company.

We present clear, truthful, and comprehensive information

We provide information to models that is truthful and concise. When models have followup questions, we provide more detailed and comprehensive answers. Should the worker not know the answer to the question, they will consult their colleagues and get back to the model with the full information promptly.

We openly describe the risks of working with us “head on”: getting nude on the internet means that people you know may see you nude. We recommend to prospective models that if being seen nude by people they know would be uncomfortable for them, they should not participate (we also suggest to models that they are adults, it’s their body and it’s their choice what to do with it!).

Prospective models participate in an informational process where they learn what they would have to do, what they would get paid, and how their material would be used. Later, a phone call with an expert allows Candidates to have their further questions answered concisely. We empower models to make their own decisions about shoots, based on their comfort level.

When a shoot is being booked, we provide detailed information as to the nature of the shoot (“Posing Level” and “Shoot Type”), and what that involves. Models can choose what shoots they want to do (but accept that if a shoot type offered does not meet their liking, we may not be able to offer alternatives, though we will always try to). Phone conversations around shoot booking are “backed up” with an email confirmation.

We provide information to models on how they can ensure the shoot works well (and increase the likelihood of being offered more work), for example, of the most suitable clothes and props to bring. Models also have the opportunity to discuss the shoot with the Shoot Producer before the shoot day.

Shoot Producers involve models throughout the shoot-making process, seeking ideas for poses, activities and conversational topics (but also, accept that some models prefer to be directed). However, as our Shoot Producers are trained experts, they know the most about what needs to be captured to satisfy the company’s customers. The shoot is about the model, showing their real personality, aiming to facilitate not just a sexual connection with customers, but an emotional one, too.

We provide models copies of all documents they sign (for example, Release, STI risk agreement) for their own records, and provide a confirmation of payments we have made, so models can account for their tax obligations. We comply with EU laws on taxation.

Shoot Producers and Model Liaisons tend to use anatomically correct names (instead of euphemisms or childish words) for body parts, because they’re more specific, and it’s professional to do so.

We are responsive and available

We’ll respond to most contact attempts within one business day, but workloads may mean that non-urgent messages are responded to in not more than five days.

We work with dozens of models every day, and there is pressure on Model Liaison staff to Make Shoots Happen. Despite that, we work hard to have meaningful conversations with every model we work with. Models will always be treated as a person (not just a prop to fill a slot in a calendar!). We commit to being warm, friendly, respectful and compassionate with all models. Even when models behave poorly, we work to be respectful and professional.

Our company was formed in October 2000, and while we work hard to ensure it will be around for many years in the future, the reality is companies can change hands or go out of business *not impressed face*. We commit to models that we will maintain the email addresses for 3 years after the company’s last trading day, to ensure models’ questions can still be answered.

We respect models’ privacy

The Company collects extensive personal information about models, and records it securely for future reference. Our company is based in the Netherlands, part of the European Union which has very strict Privacy regulations that we meet or exceed. We have a Privacy Policy that models are encouraged to read and ask questions about.

Even though our shoots are nude or sexual in nature, we acknowledge that models are due private time on a shoot day, for example to use the toilet. Shoot Producers respect models privacy, for example, by discussing their comfort shooting with curtains open, or shooting in a park where a dog walker or bike rider may see.

On a shoot location for a Solo shoot, there will only ever be the Shoot Producer (possibly their assistant) and the Model present for the shoot. On shoots with multiple models, there will likely be an additional camera person – this will be clarified during the shoot booking process. There will never be the location owner, flat-mate, gardener, or general onlooker on-set – even the Model’s boyfriend or Minder is not permitted to be on-set (though, he is welcome to meet the Shoot Producer beforehand).

Training people to succeed has always been a key part of our business. Occasionally, we make training shoots for new Shoot Producers; there’d be a Trainer and Shoot Producing students on set. Some models enjoy this interaction, but all Models are informed well ahead of time if this will occur on their shoot, and have the option to choose to not do a shoot like that if they wish. We simply offer a shoot that’s not training-related instead – no problem!

We never touch models

We are professional Shoot Producers, and we never touch models – of course not sexually, but also not even, for example, to adjust an item of clothing during a shoot. Instead, Shoot Producers will ask models to make adjustments, or offer that they use a mirror to fix it.  If the model specifically invites the Shoot Producer to make such an adjustment they may, but a Shoot Producer will never initiate: it’s the Model’s choice.

There are some exceptions; an introductory handshake is certainly permissible, and at the end of a shoot, if the model initiates a hug, it’s fine to return it.

We find that when models know we stick to our No Touching rule, and see the other steps we take to make a “safe space”, they can express themselves more freely – instead of having to be on “high alert”.

We respect models as people

We believe that models are courageous to be sharing such intimate parts of themselves with us and our customers, and we deeply respect them for this.

We work to show our models as holistic people – not just their sexual organs. Our shoots have consistently shown models’ hobbies, personality, thoughts, and personal style, while the model is nude or engaged in sexual acts. While we often capture close-up shots to show texture and details, they are always combined with wider shots to show the broader context. 

Throughout the model lifecycle, we ask models their opinions and preferences on their work with us, and work to meet them during planning and on shoots.

Indeed, we encourage models to be active participants in the production process – particularly on shoot days – where their unique input combined with our Shoot Producer’s expertise comes together to make beautiful and sexy shoots for our customers.

We work hard to both empower models directly and to present models in empowering situations, for example; 

We never edit material to make models look foolish (for example, if you were unable to answer a question in a video interview or if you miss-spoke; and, we’d never publish an image with your eyes half-closed)

  • We’re focused on making a product for customers
  • A Shoot Producer will never stare at a model (nude or clothed), or ask a model to do things for their own enjoyment (for example, “shake your boobs for me!”).
  • For example, regarding a specific activity during a shoot, or a shoot type at the planning stages
  • Models can always choose to pause, stop or change the shoot they are making (we find this is rarely necessary because we work hard to inform models of what to expect before their shoot, but adjustments are always possible, at any stage of the process).
  • We accept that sometimes, people simply change their mind
  • Shoot Producers work to create a collaborative atmosphere where creativity will flourish
  • Input from models on shoot activities and conversation topics is always incorporated into the shoot
  • These additions are the essence of the success of our product, and part of what customers find unique and exciting about it.

For example, models never have to ask permission to get a drink of water, or go to the toilet

Though we may not be able to meet their preference, we’ll always work towards it.

Ultimately, we’re making a specific product for our customers, and some of our approaches, activities, camera angles, or topics of conversation may not be a model’s personal choice. For example, we will likely make shots that feature your ass. Maybe you don’t like your ass so much, but we know our customers will!

In these situations we ask models to “play along” if they feel comfortable, but to speak up if uncomfortable, so we can explore alternatives.

We aggressively pursue piracy of our content

Inevitably digital content is pirated and distributed illegally online. This problem is not unique to the adult industry – it affects movies, music, TV, books – any media that can be digitised can be more-easily pirated, and often is.

We work closely with a team of piracy “take down” experts who remove thousands of illegally-hosted items every month. Models can report material they see online, and see it be removed in two to seven days. 

However, due to local laws some piracy sites cannot be taken down, so content removal can never be guaranteed.

We will discuss options for content removal

All first-time models with us have a five-day “cooling off” period from their first shoot, where they may choose to change their mind, return their shoot fee, and we will destroy the media captured on the shoot day.

Deciding to pose nude on the internet is a big decision, and we understand that later in life some models will change their mind. Once a shoot is released, it’s impossible to “put the genie back in the bottle” completely, but there are some steps we may be able to take to reduce the accessibility of a material after it’s release. However, these steps are not able to be comprehensive and conclusive.

There is a difficult, complicated and time-consuming process to assess if this is even possible in each case, and it may require the model returning some or all of the costs involved in the production of the shoot (pre-production, Shoot Producer, modelling, and post production fees).

For these reasons, we recommend models deeply consider making a commitment that’s difficult to go back on (and in some ways, simply cannot be undone).

We pay agreed fees and reimbursements promptly

Short and simple:  We pay models the agreed rate (and agreed reimbursements), promptly and in-full.

Note however, this may be delayed if a model provides incorrect bank details for themselves!

What we expect from models

Our FAQ What are your expectations of me as a model? sets out how we hope to work together.

Straight to the top

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