Refer to the Posing Levels page to match posing levels to Payment Rates.

Note that:

  • AWBV will specify the type of shoot a model is suitable for
  • Subsequent shoots will be decided upon review of the previous shoot
  • The progression is usually Solo, SIM, DIM, GG hardcore, but this may be changed at AWBV’s discretion
Posing levelRatePer
Nude Only€200Day, stills and video
Open Leg€250Day, stills and video
Explicit€400Day, stills and video
Insertions€450Day, stills and video
Girl-girl hardcore€750Day, stills and video
Intimate Moments (solo video masturbation, two takes)€300Half day, video only
Double Intimate Moments (solo video masturbation)€300Half day, video only