Last update: 01 March, 2017.

In a nutshell

We take the privacy of models and modelling applicants seriously.

We collect information about you that you provide to us. We store it securely, and we never share it with anyone else. Only people who have a clear and present need to access your data can access it. You can ask to see the info we hold about you, and ask us to delete it in some circumstances.

What information we collect

We collect personal information you tell us, for example your name, address, phone number, email, and details about you such as your education, pubic hair style, tattoos, comfort with certain levels of posing, etc. Later, if your application is successful, we record metadata about the shoots you appear in (date, place, payment, serial numbers).

You may be asked to provide us the following:

  • Six test photographs of you, four topless, shot by you, meeting our requirements
  • A copy of your identification

We will store them securely with your other personal information. You do not have to supply to these items, but we will not be able to offer work if you refuse. However, supplying these items do not guarantee we will offer you work. We require them to make an assessment of your suitability.

If you choose to appear in shoots, you’ll be interviewed on video. You have the option of choosing not to answer any question we ask.

On the shoot day, we ask you to complete a “Safety form”, where we ask about your illnesses, medications and allergies, along with contact information for two next of kin, in case there is an accident or you’re sick.

How the information is stored

All information you supply to us is stored in our Models Database, which is held extremely securely (using similar techniques to how banks store their data). Only staff and Contractors who have a clear and present need to access your data will be able to. Any paper copies made of your data for working purposes (for example, printing info to have available on-set at a shoot) are destroyed on the same day with cross-cut shredding.

The data in the database is backed up regularly, and stored on separate service that is similarly secured and accessible to people with a clear and present need to access it.

How we use this information

We use this information to communicate with you, to decide whether to offer you work, what kind of work to offer, and how much money to offer for that work.

How your information is shared

Your information is only ever available to trained and authorised members of the staff, and Contract Shoot Producers who you agree to make shoots of you. We restrict access to your personal information to only those staff members who have a clear and present business need to have it, such as those responsible for scheduling shoots and making decisions about what work to offer, and Shoot Producers working with you to make shoots.

When a person leaves our employment, their access to your information is terminated, and they do not retain or access your information for their personal use.

We will release your personal information in compliance with lawful requests or court orders (for example, to law enforcement authorities executing a warrant).

For some shoots, we may provide a copy of your ID to some business partners as proof of your age, but only with your image, date of birth and name showing (other information is redacted).

We are a Dutch company, and so comply with Dutch Tax law, part of which requires we provide information to the Belastingdienst (Tax office) about models we work with. We are required to provide them the name, address, and amount paid in the financial year. This is called IB-47 – Payouts to Third Parties (“Uitbetaalde bedragen aan derden”) (more info on the Tax Office’s website).

When you appear in a shoot that is released on our website, we assign you a pseudonym (fake name) that we choose and you approve. We also release your age, starsign and height. of course, shoots you appear in are released on the site (we only leave in the images and video that make you look good).

No other information is released to customers.

How your information is not shared

Apart from the details above, we do not release your personal information to anyone else. Other as described above, we do not share your information with advertisers, business associates, or customers. In situations where other companies require that we disclose your personal information, we refuse to do business with those companies.

We do not release your personal information to anyone over the telephone, including your immediate family members. If anyone calls and asks about you, we will not verify that you are associated with us.

If there was an accident or you got sick on a shoot, we would contact the people you listed as next-of-kin, and organise medical attention as soon as possible. We will not discuss the nature of the work with your next-of-kin, or healthcare providers, other than what is strictly relevant to your health.

Requesting access to the information

You may request access to the information we hold about you, and we will provide it after verifying the requestor is who they say they are. We have a documented process for this internally, to ensure only the right person gets the information.

Updating your information

Should you wish to provide updated information to us, we welcome the opportunity to do so – please email with the amendments.

Requesting we remove information about you that we have

If you have not made a shoot with us, you may request that we permanently erase all the information we hold about you (however, if you do this, we will not be able to offer work until we re-collect all the information about you).

If you have made a shoot with us, the data we have collected about you cannot be deleted as it forms part of our records about you (for example, your suitability for work, your agreement as to the scope of the work, and your proof of identity and age).


If you have any questions about our Privacy Policy please contact our CEO, Garion Hall on, who will respond promptly (note that emails from our company may end up in your spam filter, so please check there).