Hi! You’ve been booked in for a shoot with abbywinters.com, so we’ve made this list to make it easier for you to assess whether you have any grooming issues. Remember, our cameras are very high quality, and we want you looking your best!

Please view the photos below, and if you answer YES to having anything resembling that which is in any of the photos, please notify us immediately by either calling +31 6 425 350 47, or emailing model.liaison@abbywinters.com. We can easily re-book your shoot for another time.

Face, Hands & Feet

Unacceptable dyed hair regrowth

Unacceptable coldsore

Unacceptable acne

Unacceptable fingers

Unacceptable false nails (grown out)

Unacceptable toenails

Pubic area

Unacceptable pubic region spots

Unacceptable pubic region rash

Unacceptable pubic region stubble

Torso and limbs

Although the following photos are only shown on one area of the body, they apply to your whole body, so please take this into consideration when assessing yourself:

Unacceptable buttocks spots

Unacceptable bruise

Unacceptable scratch

Unacceptable rash (elsewhere)

Unacceptable insect bites

We hope you’re well-groomed, and we look forward to seeing you soon for your shoot!