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The very first thing that comes into my mind when I think about FPF is professionalism. Starting by the first contact call, till the final point when you receive your payment – everything is managed by well-trained and friendly people whose only aim is the model’s comfort. But, of course, what happens in between is also worth mentioning: In each shoot that I’ve done with FPF till now, I always experienced so much fun and creativity that I can’t even describe it. And this really makes the difference!

You might find some other pages that are willing to photograph your naked body. You might even find a few ones that treat you as professional as FPF does. But I only know one site that also offers the possibility of enjoying your shoot as an enriching experience without feeling bad about anything, at all. This is FPF.

Last but not least, its fairly good payment is only the icing on a very delicious cake!

Hope to see you on the site soon… ;-)


Just got back from Australia a couple days ago, still recovering from jet lag and trying to get my mindset back to Florida . I had an AWESOME time shooting for FemalePhotoFun, the staff and crew were alot of fun. I had a great time working with Sky, Prue, Toby, Carlee and especially Patience.

The FPF team was very compassionate towards me in my travels. About my first week there I lost all of the money I had brought with me and they were very quick to schedule bunches and bunches of shoots with me to help me replace it and then some. They also held onto the majority of the money that I earned so that I wouldn’t lose it again (as I don’t have a bank account). I am so grateful for their kindness and compassion. Thanks again to all of the staff, crew and models that I worked with for making a one of a kind vacation (porno-cation, perhaps?)!


Am super excited to be back with FPF and posting. Looking forward to upcoming shoots as it has been a very long time. You all are looking hot in all your pics and hope mine will be just as awesome!


I had such a good time and I’m psyched for next time. Just thought i’d touch base and say g’day to everyone who will be seeing me naked around the world. It’s such a rush knowing that. I just hope everyone likes it coz I had a blast.


I love the work and I love the sights and all the people behind the scenes. I really do find FPF the most comfortable to work with. I love how you are flexible with your times for shoots too, doing mine on weekends is fantastic for me and I promise I can be more flexible with times in the future. I think the company is great and I really love working with all of you!!!


I’m really looking forward to speaking to some other FPF models… I think all you girls are fantastic and have helped make FPF such an awesome site! I must say doing the two solo shoots was sooooooo much fun…. FPF rocks!


One of the reasons I like modelling for FemalePhotoFun so much is because we’re treated like people. We post on the boards and are treated with love and respect because we have ideas and feelings


I had a great time in Melbourne shooting with FPF. I had a total blast….it felt kinda mischievious, a bit cheeky and very playful. The staff at FPF do a great job of making it fun….I especially enjoyed shooting with Adora….we laughed heaps during the video


Hey this is Jilly, just flew down to do my first couple of days for FemalePhotoFun… I love it! Soooooooooo much fun, heaps of laughs and a great team of people. You’ll hear more from me soon!


Hey there!!! I’m Cleo and I’m not sure what I’m supposed to say…or if I should even do this! I’m a new FemalePhotoFun girl…so new my shoot isn’t up yet! But hopefully it will be soon and then you’ll be able to put a face to my name (and much more!) I’m so excited about being involved in this and I can’t wait to do more work!! Specially girl-girl! Man, all the shoots I’ve looked through so far are SOOOOO Hot!!


I love femalephotofun, you guys are so awesome and professional. I want to spread the word all around the world. I think FPF is so succesful, because the site is so interactive, with it’s members. It feels like a wonderful community where people can be themselves.

Tanya L

This site is really great, much in part to the fantastic staff and models. It makes it so much more comforting when surrounded by such people – those behind the cameras and those, like myself who are new to this sort of thing! The discussion boards and newsletter are terrific for interaction. I think it is a great site and it has really opened my mind to some new things!


I have always been happy working with you guys. Because I always found everyone to be friendly and helpful. The first time I walked into the office, there was an ambience about the place that just felt good- not dodgey. Thankyou, for giving me a go on FemalePhotoFun! You are a very good and successful business!


The first call that I made was very informative and friendly and not pushy, the interview was wonderful, and made me want to do the work, the first shoot put me at ease and from then on, I’ve felt more and more comfortable and open to do more things for FPF because of the staff being so great, friendly and never ever being pushy. Everything you have done for me, has been perfect there isn’t really anything that could have been done to make it any better. I’ve loved it so much.