Can I be shot by my preferred photographer, for your site?

Probably not – at least, not in the next few months.

As your friend, our Shoot Producers are skilled in both Photography and Videography… but they also undertake around 80 hours of brand-specific training before they start making shoots with us. The training is around making shoots that our customers are sure to enjoy (rather than just “a shoot”).

It’s quite possible your preferred photographer could do this training, of course, but it takes time to pass through our screening process, and typically that 80 hours is spread over a few months. So if you are interested in shooting with us, we’d travel you to one of our Shoot Producers initially. Later, if your friend completes our training, they can shoot you again for us! :)

“I felt really comfortable with Hermann [Shoot Producer]. I’ve never felt so good with a photographer! It went well and I felt comfortable. If it happened again where I was to shoot with Hermann, I’d be up for that!” (Larisa, Dec 2021).

If you think they’d be interested in working with us, please send them to our Shoot Producer recruitment page.