Can I choose to not do video?

No, a “Shoot” for us comprises of both mediums, stills and video (on a shoot day, we’d normally shoot the stills first, have a lunch break, then shoot the video).

It’s likely the video shoot is not as bad as you’re imagining! We work with you, and can direct you a lot if you prefer, or just provide some broad guidelines if you want to freestyle it. Or some balance between the two. We’ll ask you questions, and direct you to do activities – you’re never just told to “perform now!”.

Also, you have a fair amount of input into the video (after all, it’s of you, and wholly about you), but there’s also some things we need to capture you doing (but only things you’re comfortable doing, and you can always choose not to do a certain thing).

We have a page with model details for our existing models that you might find reassuring, How do the solo videos work? 📹 How do I know what say and do?

But overall, if you’re not comfortable appearing in video under any circumstances, we’re not able to work with you, sorry.