Can I wear a wig or a mask in the shoot?

Our customers want to see (all of) the real you; wigs and masks can hide that.

The idea of the shoot was to paint! The Paint is important to my life. I want the others to see my paint and my relationship with the paint. I think my whole body needed to touch the paint. The other idea was my bike. Also, my bike because it was important to me! It was my life. It was the two things most important to my life. Painting 🎨 and bikes🚲!” (Rita L, Feb 2022)

Perhaps you’re considering this as a way to hide your identity (because you’re concerned about being busted)? Of course, that’s a valid concern! Its rare models are “found out”, but it is possible. We prefer to work with models who are proud of their work with us, but know that’s one of those “easier said than done” things.

First, check out our FAQ answers below for our position on that;

I’m worried about being found out by my boss / family?

What is the “National Blackout” Option?

Wearing a mask in a shoot

We never allow masks in our shoots. If wearing a mask is a requirement of yours, we can’t work together, sorry.

Wearing a wig in a shoot

Wearing a wig in a shoot may be possible. Ultimately, our customers pay us to make shoots of models who look “naturalistic” – a slippery thing to define! We need to see clear images of you with, and without your wig, so we can make a decision (your wishes will always be taken into account, but it may be that we will only offer work to you if you don’t wear a wig).

We encourage you to be honest with us about your wig-wearing. Not telling us, and arriving on-set for a shoot wearing a wig would likely result in the shoot being canceled on the spot. That’s going to be super annoying for everyone.