Can my boyfriend come and watch my shoot being made?

No, and in fact, we don’t allow anyone on-set other than models and shoot producers (though very occasionally, we may have a Shoot Producer Trainer on set, you’d be asked beforehand if you’re ok with that).

We’ve got nothing to hide here, so let us share the reasons for this policy:

  • We’re a business with time constraints and lots to get done on a shoot day
  • Our Shoot Producers need to wholly focus on the task at hand
  • We need you to completely focus on the work you’re being paid for
  • Non-workers are not covered by various insurances
  • Having a non-worker present may make other models on set uncomfortable (though on your first shoot, you will be the only model)
  • If we’re making a shoot in someone else’s home, having non-working people in their home is not part of the agreement we have with them

Non-workers on set, no matter how well-meaning, can interfere with a smooth and safe shoot day.

However, we understand that this is the first time you’re going to be alone with a Shoot Producer you do not know at all, and you may feel uncomfortable with that. So here’s what we do offer:

  • You can call / email / SMS with the Shoot Producer before the shoot day
  • You’ll have the contact info for your Shoot Producer, and for real people in our company that have worked here for years
  • Your partner can drop you off, meet the Shoot Producer at the door (but they are not welcome to enter the shooting space for insurance and liability reasons)
  • We commit that you’ll not leave the location, or be asked to go to a different location, without having an option to notify your partner
    • For example, your Shoot Producer might suggest visiting the store to buy some lunch together; or, maybe it’s a nice day outside, and Shoot Producer wants to get some footage of you walking in a park to complement the inside component of the shoot
  • You can have you phone on (on silent, please!), so people you trust can track your phone
  • You can message trusted people to let them know you’re ok at any time during the shoot (however, it’s not appropriate to have ongoing text conversations with people during the shoot – we’ve got work to do!)
  • You can message someone if the shoot is running late

If there’s something else you’d like us to do to assure your safety, let us know and we can work something out (and probably add it to the list above).

You should know that each Shoot Producer has completed a background check, is required to comply with our Principles of Working with Models, and we have a copy of their their ID on file. We do a post-shoot check-in call with every model the first time she works with us so we can get feedback on how the Shoot Producer worked with them.

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