Do I get to choose what pictures of me get released on the site?

No, you don’t.

“For me, this is wonderful. I really like the work! The photos and videos for are beautiful! I saw the shoot… It is incredible! It was very cute and like my real life. I was like, wow! I want more shoots with because it is real!” (Rita L, Feb 2022)

For 22 years, we have spent a lot of time engaging our customers to learn about what they like and don’t like. From this, we created our “paradigm”, a specification for our Shoot Producers on what to capture of models. When we tried giving models the option on images to release, their ideas were at odds with our customers’ ideas (which makes sense, they are coming from completely different perspectives), and the results were poor for customers.

We’re a business, and by staying in business, we can pay models to work with us (customers have a lot of options these days, many of them free!).

So, it is likely we’ll release a few images you’d prefer we did not, but also, the images we release are not that bad. We’re not going to show images of you with your eyes half-closed, or a video of you falling over, or stuttering, for example. We’re about empowering our models, and part of that means editing out unintentional stuff. But, we might include images where some cellulite on your bum is visible, or your tummy is bunched up a bit when you sit. That’s part of who you are, and our customers quite like seeing that (in fact, we’re known for showing models as they really are, and that’s part of how we’re able to stay in business and pay you to appear in shoots!).

Most models quite like the shoots we make of them (once they get over the initial “That’s what my voice sounds like?!” thing we all have). 🎙️

All that being said, if there is a specific image/video segment that deeply concerns you, we can discuss it. On the shoot itself, you can always discuss with your Shoot Producer your preferences, but requests like “never show my butt” won’t fly. 🙄

btw, before your shoot is released, we’ll give you free access to the site forever.