How am I expected to behave on-camera?

In summary, we make shoots in the “the girl next door” genre, but juxtapose that with deeply exploring who you are.

To a large degree, we want to photograph and video the real you. How you really are, what you think about life, love and sex. It’s a casual, unaffected approach.

We’re a business in an extremely competitive market, making content we sell to customers. We have a brand to maintain that is flexible to some degree, but we need to keep it focussed to retain our customers.

So, there are a few practical and stylistic considerations. For example:

  • Models must be appear at their highest selected posing level, for at least 50% of the shoot (models choose the level they are comfortable with)
    • So, it’s not practical for a model to spend an hour talking about her manifesto
  • We only have a finite amount of time in a shoot day, and a lot of material to capture
    • This can mean there’s not time to explore everything in detail
  • The tone of the shoot is sexual
    • However, the first 25% of the shoot tends to be more “innocent”, so we present a contrast
    • It’s not practical for a model to talk about her travel and studies, instead of sexual content
  • We want to hear real stories
    • We never want you to make things up
  • Some things are off-topic for us
    • For example, you want to talk about how pot should be legalised, or demonstrate your S&M practises, or fake moon landings, or how much Jesus loves you… that’s not appropriate
    • We receive criticism for producing material that’s a homogeneous (“too samey”) view of female sexuality. We don’t think that’s true, but we definitely do have a certain style of production, and set of requirements.

Models may choose to reject any pose we ask for, or to not talk about any topic of conversation they choose, but a full shoot must be completed for payment to be made. Models can also cancel a shoot at any time, though that never happens because we work hard to inform models of our expectations.

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