How do you treat models?

Our approach to working with models is ethicalinclusive and engaging. We work to make “human friendly porn” that our customers love watching and our models love making.

Our Models Charter describes our commitments to working with models. It was created by staff who have been models, and with the input of many other models and Shoot Producers (some of whom have also been models).

After their first shoot, we call and ask models about their experience. Here are some comments from them.

Zina B said;

I appreciated how she [Shoot Producer Guilia] is super clear in how she explains things, she never uses euphemisms, or skirted around conversations that might be awkward, she was just honest and straightforward. I loved that with poses, she would sometimes jump to the floor and show you what she meant rather than leaving you guessing and feeling silly.

Brina said:

Before we started he [Shoot Producer Hermann] picked up that I was nervous and spend an hour and a half to set up. I noticed he took this slower than he needed to, to give me time to relax. I think this was really good.

I said can we shoot over here and he [Shoot Producer Hermann] set the chair and table and set dressing up there. It was perfect, if I had an idea he accepted it completely, and if he had an idea I accepted it completely.

[Asked, if our friend was considering working with us, what advice would you give] I would tell her to just relax. I was nervous to begin with, not even naked and I was nervous, but I was completely fine! I would tell her to take her time and that she asks for lots of breaks [which is always fine]. I would say if there were a few thing she didn’t want to share [on camera] just to say so, and move on. There were a few things I didn’t want to say, and Hermann was great. In fact, he kept reminding me if I do not want to answer a question he would ask me a different one and he had lots.

Claudia V said,

I had a lot of fun, towards the end of the day I knew why you warned me it was going to be a long day but otherwise lots of fun. I felt comfortable the whole time.

[Asked, how was communication from us in the lead up to the shoot] It was 100% for sure. Communication was done well at all times. We decided on text message to do this.

[Asked, did you feel like you could suggest your own ideas for the shoot?] For sure, he [Shoot Producer George] would even ask me, how do you feel about this, what do you think about that do you have any ideas for this next section. That is something that I really liked.

I honestly expected there to be like a whole photography team there so when I got there and there was just one photographer I was a bit relieved as I only had one person to have to get comfortable with.

Mille, a more experienced model, said;

Sometimes I shot with people with no chemistry but I kept feeling how lucky I was to be shot with Ursula [Shoot Producer] – she made me feel comfortable and relaxed and involved me in the whole process.

This is like my 3rd company I have worked for so I now understand a little more about what is going on. This was very much my favorite kind of shoot. I like to know what is going on and to be told the plan, and to be asked my own ideas. On the day we had a schedule to follow and I really liked that, I knew what order everything would come and how long it would take. I told Ursula at the beginning of the day that I could do a natural orgasm but I couldn’t just do it in 5 minutes, I would need like 15 minutes to build it up. She was so understanding, met my needs so well which was really fine and I did have a natural orgasm on camera.

Even with the issues with the London photographer I would recommend you. You handled it so well – which meant a lot for me. The conversation with Izabela [Production Coordinator] and how she dealt with it was perfect. I know of other ethical companies who have done some disappointing behavior, not to me but to other models but I really trust and respect you guys. When things in London happened I took advice from some models who I trusted and they said you dealt with everything really well – very big recommendations!

Note, we set up Mille with our London-based Shoot Producer at the time. In the lead up to the shoot, he contacted Mille and asked her to do some other work – not related to us – that involved having sex with him on camera! We have a strict agreement with our Shoot Producers that offers of such work are completely unacceptable. Mille told us, and we immediately stopped our relationship with this Shoot Producer, and rescheduled all shoots.

Ursula is really amazing. I can hear how proud you are of her as we are talking [Mille was sharing her thoughts with Masie, one of our Model Liaisons), you are really lucky to have Ursula and I think she is really lucky to have found abbywinters, you are a good match!

Jada S said,

It was so much fun. I was really nervous as I have never done a legitimate shoot but the space George [Shoot Producer] set up was a really relaxing environment and I had a great day!

[Asked how prepared she felt for the shoot day] I felt pretty prepared, I liked that we did a recap call a few days before the shoot as I have a terrible memory so the refresher of what to expect from Masie [Model Liaison] was so helpful. When I got there on the day George also walked me through everything again, what was going to happen, the order of the day. He was really accommodating for my needs and kept telling me that if I needed a rest at any point I should say etc.

[Asked, how was communication before the shoot] Initially we had a phone call, it was a bit long as we got a bit off topic talking about general things [laughs], but it was great to get to know him before the day. We went over everything in that call, planned where it would be, when, what things I should bring etc. Then on the run up to that shoot day I got my period so texted him and emailed you guys. George was great giving me my options and we then moved things to a new date and did all our confirmation on the run up to the shoot via text which worked very well.

This was the first time I had grown my pubic hair out so I was worried that it would smell but it turned out to all be just fine and normal.

The more comfortable I got on set the more it felt like I was just taking pictures at home in my house, just being me doing things I would do alone anyway. I loved that we used all my star trek things – I was able to just run with ideas around those things as they are my things and something I love .

I would love to shoot with George again! It would be great because I have already shot with him so feel comfortable and this time would feel even more comfortable.

He was so patient answering all my questions about what he was doing and why – I am sure other photographers would find this annoying but he was so patient. He is a really cool guy.

Having never done a legit shoot before when you said it would take 9 hours I was like, sure that’s what they say but now I understand why you said that and how it takes that long and needed to – it was fine. Everything was explained to me completely in email before the shoot. If I got nervous before the shoot I would look to the emails to reassure myself with what would happen when. It was all so clear. Everything was explained very well – I really really liked that

[Asked, what advice would you give a friend considering this?] I would say – you only live one. It’s a legitimate company and the worse you can do is turn up and not like it and if you don’t like it, abbywinters will be so accommodating with that, they would support you going home. The best thing is knowing that even if you changed your mind after the shoot shoot you have 5 days still to change your mind. When my friends were quizzing me to make sure this was a good idea I told them this and they were os impressed, for every question they asked me I had an answer ready for them as everything was so clear and open from your end.

In March 2019, we asked Lotte L what things her Shoot Producer Gulia did to make her comfortable. Here’s what Lotte said:

She just really knows how to describe certain positions. She really doesn’t use any stupid words for the genitalia, she is like “Your vagina” and “Your anus”, it is not like, your pussy or your booty – Gulia said, “If it’s called your anus it’s your anus, if it’s called your vagina, it’s your vagina, you know, I’m going to call it like it is!” I really appreciated that. :)

She joined me in the warming up which I really appreciated and when she wanted to see a certain position she showed me, so she was on her back as much as I was, through the entire shoto and I was down with that!

…it it feels really empowering, I have already been telling people that, it feels really empowering, it cheers you up, it cheered me up, it is just a fun experience to do. You get to feel like a supermodel for a minute because you know you are very average looking but you still feel like amazing amazing porn star and that feels good I liked it – I like it!

It is very female centered business because I haven’t spoken to a single man in your company, and I dig that!

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