How does the cooling off period work?

A “cooling off” period allows someone to reconsider a purchase, to change their mind. It’s often for “big ticket” items like buying houses or cars, though laws differ by country and region.

We’ve have a Cooling Off Period for modelling with us, even though you are not making a purchase (and it’s not a law in this case – we just think it’s a good idea).

The Cooling Off Period only applies to the first shoot you make with us. If you choose to claim the Cooling Off period, we’ll still pay the costs of travel, the Shoot Producer fees, and any other expenses associated with this shoot – you only have to promptly return the modelling fee we paid you.

The Cooling Off Period dates are calculated like this, for example;

You make a shoot in Amsterdam on Wednesday that finishes at 6pm. You have until 6pm Monday (Amsterdam time) to decide you’d like to claim the Cooling Off Period (Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun and Mon are the five days). You need to send us an email before that 6pm Monday to make the claim.

If you make a claim during the Cooling Off Period, we won’t argue with you but we would like to understand why you changed your mind, so we can improve this process for other models in the future.

It takes a few weeks for us to finalise a Cooling Off Period claim – several people are involved, and it’s quiote complex. We’ll keep you approaised of progress and let you know when it’s done – we aim for it to be complete after two weeks of receiving your model fee back. All shoot media (stills and videos), your ID captures, and paperwork you signed will be permamantly deleted. We’ll delete the shoot record in our Post Production database, so no media from this shoot will ever be published.

Separate to the 5 day Cooling Off Period, we also offer a National Blackout Option, in case there’s a Situation you need to deal with after your shoot is released.