How “exclusive” (limiting) is your Contract / Release?

When you do modelling work for a company, you’ll usually be asked to sign a “Release”, a contract where you officially give permission to the company to use the images they make of you.

You can see our Release as a PDF – it’s a legal contract, but it’s written in plain English as much as our lawyers let us.

Like any contractual agreement, there can be good and bad things for you, so it’s always best to read it – we know, they are sooo boring – or get someone you trust to read it for you (best is to pay a lawyer to, but that can cost around US$200 for a one-hour consultation). Again, we encourage you to read our Release yourself first.

Our Release is non-exclusive, which means, you can work with us, and continue to do similar work for other companies, post images of yourself online, or really do whatever you want.

It’s rare, but some companies may ask you to sign an exclusive agreement with them, meaning you’re only allowed to work with them (and you could get into big trouble if you worked for someone else). That can be a good thing – you’re likely to get a lot of work from them… but also a bad thing – you cannot work with us, and, what if they don’t give you as much work as you want?

But, it’s very likely they’d discuss this with you beforehand. Always best to read something before you sign it, however!