How long does a shoot take?

It’s best to allow a full 9 hours for a shoot (from when you meet with the Shoot Producer until you leave), just to be safe, but it’s unlikely to take the full 9 hours.

If you have to be somewhere at a certain time on the shoot day, please let the Shoot Producer know when you discuss the date and start time with them.

We want you to look your best, and that might not happen if we have to rush. We can always re-schedule you for a more suitable day.

“Actually, it was way shorter than I was used to! Well, it was a little below average… But it didn’t feel as long. It is less work, more natural, easier to get through it more quickly. I have some experience working with other companies and I knew some poses to do so it went really quickly, actually. The shoot actually went by faster than we expected. We finished about an hour early. It was 10 am when we actually started shooting. We probably shot until 6 pm or 6:30 pm. It wasn’t bad at all!” (Myra, Jan 2021)

ABOVE: A rough schematic showing how a shoot day is laid out. Much more info on the Posing levels and Shoot Types page;  also see, What happens on a shoot day? for more details – both of these pages are aimed at our existing models.

“We made it a bit longer because we had a lot of ideas and we wanted the best shots possible. We wanted to make sure it was actually cool and a good first shoot and a good first impression for me. We agreed that that’s important” (Dalilah, Nov 2021).