How well do I need to speak English?

We require our models to speak English well – for example, able to hold a conversation in English for 15 minutes.

If English is your first language, there’ll be no problem.

Your English does not need to be university-exam-level perfect, but you should be able to hold a comfortable conversation for 15 minutes.

We require models speak English for several reasons:

  • Main reason: Our customers are English-speaking, and pay us to watch videos of models speaking English.
  • Information we provide to you to prepare for the shoot is all in English
  • English is the only language our Shoot Producers all speak (though, they may also speak other languages)
  • All our paperwork is in English, which you need to understand before signing

In the Info Session, we’ll assess your English level, and let you know if there is a problem. If English is a second language for you, and we find you do not understand our questions or you’re not able to express your answers clearly, we may need to end the Info Session early. In this situation, we will not be able to work with you.

If your spoken English improves, we encourage you to re-apply in the future.