I read that you guys don’t let models wear makeup – what the #@%& ?!

Our customers come to us to see our models more “natural” than elsewhere, and part of that is models wearing no makeup on our shoots. That means, no concealer, no foundation, no powder, no tinted moisturizer, no lipstick, no blusher or rouge, no eyeliner or eye shadow. Here’s some typical feedback from a satisfied customer;

I needed to congratulate you once more on your work! What you do is so much better than the majority of other sites, yours is artistic and showcases beauty in an organic way (no makeup or other artificial additives). Thank you!!! You take the time to let us learn about the girl, relish her eyes, ears, hair, toes, and more! Thank you for providing a platform on which we can access and relish these gifts of nature.

“I was a little bit worried about what I would look like without makeup… I felt surprisingly comfortable!” (Celestina, Jul 2021)

We have one exception to our no-makeup rule: a moderate amount of mascara is permitted.

“In the beginning, I was just worried about the no-makeup part… Doing makeup is my profession, I am used to putting on at least some makeup for photos. But, it is my face after all and it must not be that bad. It turned out okay. I was allowed to wear mascara and I looked okay with that and not the rest. I realized it would be a nice shoot so, let’s do it 😉! I think the light and camera settings made me look better than in real life.” (Anna X, Apr 2022)

All the images on these pages were made of models without makeup. They, us, and our customers think they look pretty great! (we hope you do, too!) Our Shoot Producers are experts in making our models look good.

Some models feel liberated by this approach and embrace it. For other people, they’re not so comfortable – that’s ok. The work we offer is not for everyone, and there are plenty of sites that are happy to shoot with all the “war paint” you can manage to get on your face! 🚚 :)

“I was so worried about shooting without makeup…. But it was fine. That was my biggest concern and I’m very happy that that was fine.” (Melody Y, Nov 2021)

“One of the biggest changes it had on my life is that I actually wear a lot less make-up now, because I like the way I look in the shoot!” (Lotte L, Jul 2019)

Here are some face closeups from some shoots we have made. No makeup (except, some models are wearing a little mascara). Click an image to see the full-size version.