I want to apply with my boyfriend, so we can do a shoot together – is that ok?

We sometimes make shoots of our female models having sex with her real-life boyfriend ??  (but we never make shoots of female models with some “stud” dude). It’s our preference that female models appears in a solo shoot first, but that’s not a requirement.

Because most of our shoots are with solo models, our application and screening process is geared towards that, so there may be some questions that are not relevant to you applying for a girl-boy shoot. It’s fine to just answer whatever to those questions, if you’re only interested in doing a shoot together.

Both the male and female of the couple need to apply separately, and complete the screening process. Please mention who your partner is in the notes field and that they have also applied, so we can make the connection on our end as well (we instantly reject applications that come from single men). You can see some more info on our girl-boy shoots, and some info for our existing models).