I’m concerned about being pressured or forced to do something on a shoot?

We guarantee that you will never be or feel pressured or forced. We only want to make shoots of models who are excited about working with us.

Pressuring or forcing models to do stuff would work against our business because:

  • It’s against our Models Charter (the commitments we make to models)
  • Our professional staff and Shoot Producers would never work with us if we allowed that
  • We rely heavily on models referring their friends to us to model as well
  • We’d lose our status of being a professional company, operating for 18 years
  • We could not offer you to be a reference for other new models
  • You would not want to come back for more shoots with us
  • Our product is engaging shoots of happy models

We absolutely guarantee you will never be pressured or forced to do anything you do not want to do.

[Asked about her Shoot Producer Hermann] “We got along well and decided on things together. We both proposed ideas and we had fun! We did some funny stuff in the shoot and it was really positive” (Dalilah, Nov 2021).

“The communication beforehand it matched my expectations. The posing was in-line with what I said I was comfortable doing. You guys prepared me really well beforehand, so it was as I expected it to be” (Jacklyn, Nov 2021).

“He [Shoot Producer Hermann] was a professional because I feel , I don’t know how to say, like I was being protected from anything, he was really nice to me, he always would tell something like ‘if you feel ok with that you can do that if you are no ok, do not do that’ so I was totally fine with that because I had a choice to do or not to do anything so it was really nice” (Galina, Dec 2018).