Say I apply. What happens then?

When we get a model applying to work with us, we have a few goals:
  • Treat the model with respect and care
  • Help the model make an informed decision (learn about us, and have their questions answered concisely)
  • Allow us to make an informed decision (to decide if this model is right for us)
  • Meet basic KYC (Know Your Client) administrative requirements
  • To prepare for the shoot booking process (that is, gather data needed to begin shoot booking)
During the process, if we find a model is not suitable for working with us, we’ll let them know as soon as possible so their time is not wasted. At any stage of the process, models can choose to cancel their application. We ask that they notify us of this, so we can be sure not to bother them in the future.
So with that in mind, when you Apply you can expect the onboarding process to take around 60 minutes, spread over about a week (less if you respond promptly! 😍). The process looks like this:
ABOVE: Our New Model Enquiry process for models. On the left in blue is stuff we do, on the right in pink is what you do.
In more detail:
  1. We make an initial assessment of your application – do you basically seem to be right for us? (female, over 18, etc)
    1. We ask you for some more information that you did not supply originally (for example, contextual images of your tattoos)
  2. We ask you come complete a Basic Info questionnaire
    1. We provide some info around “Posing Levels”, payment, show you the Release contract you’d need to sign
    2. We ask you questions about you (for example, about your pubic hair, flexibility, etc)
    3. This info is securely stored in our Models Database
  3. The Info Session call
    1. We organise a 20-minute phone call (at our expense), where we answer your questions, and ask a few more questions; we take notes.
  4. You take some selfie topless test shots, that meet our requirements
  5. We assess your suitability for our site and let you know our decision
  6. We ask you to fill in our Onboarding Questionnaire,
    1. We gather more info like how we pay you, your address, lunch preferences, and similar info to begin preparing for your first shoot

That’s the end of our model onboarding process. Next up is organising your first shoot (this link goes to our site for existing models).