Say I apply. What happens then?

Here’s what happens when you Apply:
  • Your application details are securely recorded in our Models Database
  • We make an initial assessment of your application – do you basically seem to be right for us? (female, over 18, etc)
  • We ask you for some more information that you did not supply originally (for example, contextual images of your tattoos)
  • We ask you come complete an “informational questionnaire”
    • We provide some info around “posing levels”, payment, show you the Release contract you’d need to sign
    • We ask you questions about you (for example, about your pubic hair, eye colour, etc)
    • This info is again securely stored in our Models Database
  • We organise a 20-minute phone call (our expense), where we answer your questions, and ask a few more questions, and we take notes.
  • You take some selfie test shots, that meet our requirements
  • Now we have gathered a bunch of info about you, we assess your suitability for our site
  • We let you know our decision