So, I’ll end up on PornHub / xVideos?

No. We never put the material we make of models on “Tube” sites.

For the nerds 🤓
Tube sites (like RedTube, YouPorn, and so on) make porn available for free (it's supported by lots of ads). These sites started in 2008 or so, using stolen videos from pay sites (such as our own, From 2012 or so, they stopped outright stealing material, instead asking producers (like us) to add their material to the Tube Sites for free (they say, "It will expose your brand - you'll get new customers!" - we tried it a few times in 2012, and it did not work to find new customers for us).

Since then, the Tube Sites have a stranglehold on the adult industry. Anyone can get virtually unlimited free porn from them – why would anyone pay for porn anymore? Indeed, and that’s a problem.

Our current relationship with Tube sites is, they have stopped stealing our content and we do not give it to them. Sometimes, our content is stolen and uploaded to Tube sites. As this is illegal when we let the Tube site know they take it down promptly.

We formed in the year 2000, and we’ve seen a lot of changes in that time, but Tube Sites are by far the largest and worst. By providing infinite free material to users, customers expect everything for free, which means producers need to reduce their prices, which means reducing their income, which means reducing their costs, which means models get paid less.

We never put the material we make of models on Tube sites, meaning we’re able to pay models more than most other companies.

(Sometimes, hackers steal our material and do put it on Tube Sites. We work closely with a legal firm to get these removed swiftly, and they are successful in 100% of cases).

[The hardest part of applying to work with us] “Understanding the possibility of being found out… But, I’ve already been posting adult content online. This is more secure than Reddit or OnlyFans. This is paid-only content, other than the free sample affiliate sites. It is more niche compared to the more popular internet content. It is a more niche website and that is reassuring” (Anika V, Dec 2021).