Someone suggested I should apply to work with you…?

Yes, hello, welcome! 👋

We have a model scouting program, where we work with people to help us find models (more info on how that works, but in a nutshell, they know what kind of people we’re looking for, approach them, let them know about us, and direct them here to learn more and apply – in exchange, if that person makes a shoot with us, we pay them a referral fee).

“It is definitely empowering, it is not like a seedy Craigslist photoshoot! It is really professional, really relaxed. You are in control and have the power and you actually get to have a lot of fun. It is about creating great memories for yourself, as well as pictures and videos.” (Sascha, Feb 2020)

Each model scout works in their own way – some approach people directly in public, some use their existing set of contacts, some use social media (eg, Twitter, or Reddit), and many other methods.

Some model scouts work with us in other capacities, for example;

  • Models who already work with us, and refer models they meet with on other jobs
  • Shoot Producers who make shoots of models
  • Back Office staff who meet prospective models in their day to day life

“I didn’t have any worries before applying…I have a friend [Regina] who has worked with that referred me. It was a good experience and I didn’t have any worries. I knew you’d be professional and take care of me.” (Margherita, Feb 2020)

Alert 🚨

Some people are unscrupulous, and use our name to attract potential models when they are not involved with us at all. Sometimes, they will outright lie, other times they will use phrases such as “just like an shoot”.

We will only, ever ask someone interested in working with us to apply via our secure site, here at We never ask you to bypass this process.

“This is probably the coolest message I have ever received on Reddit, just checked out your website and it has the most detailed FAQ I’ve ever seen in my life 🙂 I think I’ll apply and see what happens, thank you” (A prospective model considering applying, Dec 2020)

More info on how to know we’re legit.