What do I have to do in a shoot?

In a nutshell, on a shoot, you’ll start fully clothed, and progressively get naked, revealing as much of yourself as you feel comfortable (however, our lowest “posing level” is completely nude).

“I was comfortable with all of the posing levels, but I wanted to try something easy for my first shoot with you guys” (Jacklyn, Nov 2021).

An expert Shoot Producer will take images of you, and separately shoot video material (before you freak out about being in a video, check the FAQ answer below, Can I choose to not do video?).

The schedule for the day is like this:


“My first concern was that I would be acting. But it was just “me” on the shoot! And I liked that and how it was run. It was about me and not what typical porn perception of ‘Sexy’ ” (Clara M, Aug 2021).

Common to both Stills and video components of a shoot

The first shoot you make with us, you’ll be the only model (you can choose to do shoots with other models after that if you wish).

First up, you’ll chat with the Shoot Producer about how it’ll work, what you’re comfortable with, your ideas, and their ideas on making an awesome shoot.

“He [Shoot Producer Brad] was respectful of my boundaries and personal space. There were no creepy comments but he was ready to laugh and make me laugh! When I made a mistake it was no big deal. He helped walk me through what we would do ahead of time and he showed me his hand signals so we could communicate. Brad is really professional and knows what he is doing.” (Bonnie T, Mar 2022)

Only the second half of the Stills / Video section will be at the highest Posing Level (how revealing you’ve chosen to be in this shoot). For example, say you’re comfortable only being nude, legs together the whole time (totally cool, btw). In the first half of the Stills session, and in the first half of the Video session, you won’t be nude at all – you’ll be fully clothed, or slowly getting nude. In the second half of stills and video, you’ll be entirely nude.

In both Stills and Video sections, input from you is always welcome – the best shoots happen when the model and Shoot Producer collaborate!

There’s a lunch break (we pay!) between Stills and Video.

“The shoot was really great! I would even call it a really an excellent experience. The Shoot Producer was very professional but also relaxed. In those situations, things should be like that! He was very gentle with me. He was offering me breaks. It was at no point awkward. He was open to my suggestions, I was open to his suggestions. It was really really nice. I really liked working with him. We got along really well.” (Justina, Mar 2021)

Specific to Stills

In the Stills, the Shoot Producer will direct you into poses (many of the images you see on these pages were created on solo model Stills shoots). The stills component is usually first on the shoot day and goes for 3.5 hours or so.

Specific to Video

While the Stills component is more about poses, the Video component is more free-flowing and more focused on moving around and talking than on static poses. The Shoot Producer will ask a bunch of questions about your life experiences (it’s no problem to pass on questions you’re not comfortable answering – we’ll edit that out).

“I like the fact that we are very free to choose what to say and what to show. It helps to keep it as natural as possible. You’re not obliged to do anything unnatural or show off and I appreciated that” (Dalilah, Nov 2021).

The video component is usually second on the shoot day and goes for 3.5 hours or so.

For a lot more specific detail and examples on what models are asked to do on a Solo shoot, we have a page for our Existing Models, What am I expected to actually DO in a solo shoot? On the same site, we also have a thoroughly illustrated description of the shoot day, What happens when I arrive for my first shoot?

“I felt pretty well-prepared. I knew what I was getting into. I did my research on the website and I’ve been in contact a lot with the Model Liaisons. There were no surprises!” (Anika V, Dec 2021).