What if I change my mind?

During the Onboarding process

The “onboarding process” is what we call the stage from when you first apply to work with us, to when we agree we want to make a shoot together (see the timeline of events). We have a few situations in this process asking if you want to continue, cancel, or just pause for a few months.

The Onboarding process is designed to help you learn about us, and for us to learn about you. Once we both understand each other’s position, we can make an informed decision. Perhaps you just want to learn more, but have not committed to anything yet? That’s what our Info Session is for. It’s no obligation, perfect for finding out more.

And, at any time, you can let us know you’ve changed your mind. It’s helpful to let us know why you’re changing your mind (in case it’s based on an incorrect assumption, for example, you’ll be having sex with random guys – that’s never the case with us, and we’d be sad to see you cancel because you assumed that was the case!).

We’ll always respect your decision – we only want to work with people who really want to work with us – they make the best shoots!

(This happens pretty often – it’s all good!)

“I felt really well prepared. The emails and phone calls beforehand and contact with Leena [Model Liaison] was great. I felt like I could ask anything. I felt like I could ask anything that I wasn’t sure about if I did have questions” (Grace R, Jun 2021).

During the shoot-booking process

After you have been Onboarded, the shoot booking process begins.

If you change your mind about shooting with us (or,  about the posing level or shoot type) during the shoot booking process, it’s convenient for us to know as soon as possible, so the Shoot Producer is not inconvenienced so much.

We’re curious to know why you’re changing your mind, but we won’t argue with you or make you feel bad for it. We only want to work with models who love working with us – they make the best shoots! :)

(This happens a few times a month, so it’s no big deal).

On the day of the shoot

We provide a bunch of info and have conversations with you to help you understand what to expect, and we have heard from models that helps a lot.

But, we understand that you can change your mind at the last minute. It’s our policy that you never have to do anything you don’t want to do, so simply inform your Shoot Producer that it’s not for you. Perhaps a shoot can still be made, but we change the posing level (for example, to be less-revealing), draw the curtains, or turn the heat up?

Canceling a shoot on the shoot day is certainly inconvenient. The Shoot Producer has organised a location, made a shoot plan, and likely put off other work so they could shoot you! But, it’s more important you’re comfortable with what you are doing.

(This happens once every five years or so – very rare – but it’s not a problem).

For five days after your first shoot

We have a “cooling off” period of five days after your first shoot, where you can change your mind.

Let us know: You’ll return the modeling fee we paid, and we’ll delete the media we captured of you. That’s it (more info on the details).

(This happens once every few years, and is no problem).

I knew I had 5 days after the shoot and during those days I just took some time by myself to really think about it. One day I just suddenly realised that I am fine, it is my body and I do what I want with it. It came after two days of deep thinking, I was asking myself, are you sure this is a great idea? and then I was like, eh I really don’t care, I am fine!

Noemi, August 2019.

After that…

Here’s where it gets tricky. We encourage prospective models to think carefully about their motivations for modeling with us, and only proceed if they are sure this is for them.

Permanently removing material from our site very seldom happens. It’s expensive, time-consuming, and complicated (for both you and us), and should not be considered a practical option. But, here’s how it’d work.

However, we do have the temporary relief of the National Blackout Option, which is easy to claim – see below.