Where will images and videos of me end up?

Primarily, the material we capture of you will be on our members-only website abbywinters.com (warning, there’s some pretty explicit stuff there, but you choose how revealing you choose to be on a shoot).

While the full shoot media is only available to paying customers, we make a short 30 second video and 20 small images available to prospective customers, to get them interested (an example). These pages are accessible by anyone online.

We make ~30 images available to marketers who make pages (Example 1; Example 2, Example 3), in an effort to help us find new customers (if someone buys from us due to their marketing, they get a cut of the sale). We do not make videos available to these marketers. These pages are accessible by anyone online.

We may choose to use an image or two on our Twitter account, posting in our subreddit, or on our Instagram (we do not use those social networks much, however). These pages are accessible by anyone online.

Some images may appear in our training materials for Shoot Producers, or on sites we use to educate models, such as this, FemalePhotoFun (for prospective models), and models.abbywinters.com (for existing models). These pages are accessible by anyone online.


Unfortunately, piracy (people stealing media, and making it available elsewhere) is a fact of life online and affects all content creators – videos, images, writing, TV and movies, comics, books, games… any sort of media.

There are no completely effective ways to stop piracy. We employ two companies to find pirated content, and issue “take down notices”, where the company responsible for hosting that media must remove the material. Most countries in the world have laws ensuring offenders comply, some countries do not (notably, Russia), so some material is impossible to get removed.

Once material is removed, the same (or, other) material may be re-posted, and the cycle repeats. We’re successful in getting tens of thousands of links to pirated abbywinters.com content removed each month.

If a model finds pirated material online, we encourage them to contact us and we’ll prioritise getting it removed, if possible.