Will I have to… touch anyone? Or be touched?

No, absolutely not.

The first shoot you do with us will be a “Solo” shoot (that is, you’ll be the only model on-set). While the Shoot Producer will work closely with you, they will never touch you – apart from a friendly handshake when they first meet you šŸ¤. There is no expectation for you to touch the Shoot Producer (in fact, it’s strictly not allowed!). Our Shoot Producers are professionals (they would lose their job if it happened), and are intent on making the best shoot they can.

“When he [Shoor Producer Hermann] is taking pictures or filming. He says when he is coming close and he says when he is taking a close-up so you are ready for it and you never feel like he is going to touch you” (Sena, Sep 2021).

After your first solo shoot, we’ll tell you about other shoots that involve several models, that do involve (a lot of) touching. But there’s never any obligation to do a shoot you’re not comfortable with.

You can read our Models Charter, to learn about the commitments we make to models (and what we expect from models).